How to Get Pillar Path Cross Location Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, is renowned for its expansive world, intricate lore, and challenging gameplay. The “Shadow of the Erdtree” expansion introduces new areas, quests, and enemies, further enriching the game’s universe.

Among the newly added locations, the Pillar Path Cross stands out as a significant area for exploration. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of reaching Pillar Path Cross, including preparation, navigation, and strategies for overcoming the challenges you’ll face.

Overview of Pillar Path Cross

Background and Lore

Pillar Path Cross is an ancient site filled with towering pillars and mysterious ruins. It is believed to be a place of great power, where ancient rituals were performed. The area is imbued with magical energy, attracting scholars, adventurers, and dark forces alike. Understanding the lore of Pillar Path Cross can provide context for the challenges and treasures that await you.

Importance in the Game

Pillar Path Cross is not just another location in Elden Ring; it holds significant narrative and gameplay importance. It is home to unique items, powerful enemies, and hidden lore that can deepen your understanding of the game’s world. Additionally, it serves as a pivotal location for several quests and offers access to rare resources and powerful gear.

Preparing for the Journey

Required Level and Gear

To ensure a successful journey to Pillar Path Cross, it’s crucial to be adequately prepared. The recommended level for this area is between 55 and 65, depending on your playstyle and build. Essential gear and items include:

  • Weapons: High-damage weapons with versatility, such as the Greatsword or Twinblades.
  • Armor: Medium to heavy armor sets that provide good protection without hindering mobility.
  • Consumables: Health potions, mana potions, antidotes, and stamina boosters.
  • Rings and Amulets: Equip items that enhance your defense, health regeneration, and stamina.

Skills and Abilities

Having the right skills and abilities can make your journey to Pillar Path Cross smoother. Focus on the following:

  • Combat Skills: Invest in skills that enhance your melee and ranged combat abilities.
  • Survivability: Skills that increase your health pool and reduce damage taken are essential.
  • Exploration: Abilities that aid in movement, such as increased sprint speed or reduced fall damage, can be beneficial.

Finding the Path to Pillar Path Cross

Starting Point: Erdtree Sanctuary

Your journey begins at the Erdtree Sanctuary, a central location in the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. From here, you will follow a series of markers and clues that lead you towards Pillar Path Cross.

  1. Activate the Erdtree Shrine: This will unlock a map marker for Pillar Path Cross.
  2. Talk to NPCs: Several NPCs in the sanctuary provide hints about the location and dangers of Pillar Path Cross.

Navigating Through the Misty Woods

The Misty Woods is the first major area you need to traverse. This dense forest is filled with fog, hostile creatures, and hidden traps.

  1. Follow the Light Beacons: Light beacons scattered throughout the woods serve as your primary guide.
  2. Avoid the Patrols: Stealth is key here. Avoid large groups of enemies and use the environment to your advantage.
  3. Discover the Hidden Pathways: Look for hidden paths and shortcuts marked by subtle clues like broken branches or disturbed ground.

Crossing the Ruined Bridge

The Ruined Bridge is a massive structure that connects the Misty Woods to the outskirts of Pillar Path Cross. This bridge is heavily guarded and requires careful planning to cross safely.

  1. Defeat the Gatekeepers: Powerful enemies guard the bridge entrances. Defeating them is mandatory to progress.
  2. Solve the Puzzle: The bridge has a series of puzzles that need to be solved to lower the drawbridge. Look for clues on nearby structures and statues.
  3. Watch for Ambushes: Enemy archers and traps are common on the bridge. Use cover and be prepared to dodge incoming attacks.

Entering Pillar Path Cross

The Main Gate

Upon reaching the outskirts of Pillar Path Cross, you will encounter the main gate, which is fortified and locked.

  1. Find the Key: The key to the main gate is held by a mini-boss in a nearby cave. Defeat the mini-boss to obtain it.
  2. Unlock the Gate: Use the key to unlock the gate, but be prepared for an immediate ambush by the area’s defenders.

Exploring the Area

Once inside, you’ll find that Pillar Path Cross is a labyrinth of towering pillars, ancient ruins, and hidden dangers.

  1. Map the Area: Take your time to explore and map the area. Use the pillars and ruins as landmarks to orient yourself.
  2. Clear Out Enemies: Methodically clear out enemies to make exploration safer.
  3. Search for Treasure: Pillar Path Cross is filled with hidden treasures. Look for secret rooms and hidden pathways.

Key Locations in Pillar Path Cross

The Pillar Plaza

The Pillar Plaza serves as the central hub of Pillar Path Cross. Here, you’ll find several important NPCs and quest givers.

  1. Speak to the Historian: The historian can provide valuable information about the area’s lore and secrets.
  2. Visit the Merchant: The merchant sells rare items and provides information about the location’s hidden treasures.
  3. Accept Quests: Several NPCs in the plaza offer quests that provide valuable rewards.

The Ancient Library

The Ancient Library is a crucial location in Pillar Path Cross, filled with valuable resources and dangerous foes.

  1. Collect Knowledge: The library houses ancient tomes and scrolls that can provide powerful spells and lore.
  2. Fight the Guardians: The library is guarded by enchanted constructs that must be defeated to access the valuable resources.
  3. Discover the Secret Chamber: A hidden chamber in the library holds powerful artifacts and lore.

The Ritual Grounds

The Ritual Grounds is a mysterious and eerie location within Pillar Path Cross, rumored to be the site of ancient rituals.

  1. Investigate the Grounds: Explore the area to uncover its dark secrets.
  2. Defeat the Ritualists: The grounds are inhabited by powerful ritualists who must be defeated to cleanse the area.
  3. Retrieve the Relic: A powerful relic hidden in the grounds is essential for progressing further in the game.

Boss Battles in Pillar Path Cross

The Guardian Sentinel

The Guardian Sentinel is a formidable boss found in the Ancient Library. Defeating him is essential for obtaining the key to the deeper secrets of Pillar Path Cross.

  1. Study Its Patterns: The Sentinel has a predictable attack pattern that can be exploited.
  2. Use the Environment: Use the library’s narrow passages to your advantage to avoid its powerful attacks.
  3. Focus on Weak Points: Target the Sentinel’s weak points to deal maximum damage.

The High Ritualist

The High Ritualist is one of the most challenging bosses in Pillar Path Cross, found in the Ritual Grounds.

  1. Avoid the Spells: The Ritualist uses powerful spells that can deal massive damage. Keep moving to avoid them.
  2. Break the Shield: The Ritualist is protected by a magical shield that must be broken before you can deal damage.
  3. Use Holy Weapons: Weapons with holy attributes are particularly effective against the High Ritualist.

Completing Quests in Pillar Path Cross

The Forgotten Scholar Quest

This quest involves finding and rescuing a forgotten scholar trapped in the Ancient Library.

  1. Talk to the Quest Giver: Accept the quest from an NPC in the Pillar Plaza.
  2. Search the Library: Use clues provided by the NPC to locate the forgotten scholar.
  3. Escort the Scholar: Once found, escort the scholar back to the Pillar Plaza safely.

The Cursed Relic Quest

The Cursed Relic Quest involves finding and purifying a powerful relic hidden in the Ritual Grounds.

  1. Obtain the Relic: Retrieve the relic from the Ritual Grounds.
  2. Purify the Relic: Take the relic to a specific NPC in the Pillar Plaza who can perform the purification ritual.
  3. Defend the NPC: Protect the NPC during the ritual from waves of enemies.
 Pillar Path Cross Location
Pillar Path Cross Location

Strategies and Tips for Success

Combat Tips

  1. Use Cover: Always use the environment to your advantage to avoid enemy attacks.
  2. Upgrade Gear: Regularly upgrade your weapons and armor to keep up with the increasing difficulty.
  3. Conserve Resources: Use consumables wisely and always keep a reserve for emergencies.

Exploration Tips

  1. Mark Important Locations: Use the in-game map to mark important locations and points of interest.
  2. Search Thoroughly: Pillar Path Cross is filled with hidden secrets. Take your time to search every nook and cranny.
  3. Talk to NPCs: NPCs often provide valuable hints and clues about hidden paths and treasures.

Survival Tips

  1. Avoid Unnecessary Fights: Not every fight is worth engaging in. Sometimes it’s better to avoid conflict and preserve your resources.
  2. Heal Regularly: Keep an eye on your health and heal regularly to avoid being caught off guard by powerful enemies.
  3. Stay Vigilant: Always be on the lookout for traps and ambushes. The area is filled with dangers that can catch you by surprise.


Reaching Pillar Path Cross in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. With careful preparation, strategic combat, and thorough exploration, you can uncover the secrets of this ancient site and reap the rewards it offers.

Use this guide to navigate the dangers and emerge victorious in your quest. Happy adventuring!


What is Pillar Path Cross in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree?

Pillar Path Cross is a significant location in the Elden Ring expansion “Shadow of the Erdtree.” It features towering stone pillars, ancient ruins, and is known for its rich lore and challenging enemies.

What level should I be to explore Pillar Path Cross?

It is recommended to be between level 55 and 65 to effectively handle the challenges in Pillar Path Cross. Ensure you have the appropriate gear and skills for this area.

How do I start my journey to Pillar Path Cross?

Begin your journey at the Erdtree Sanctuary. Activate the Erdtree Shrine to unlock the map marker for Pillar Path Cross and talk to NPCs in the sanctuary for hints and clues.

What gear and items should I prepare before heading to Pillar Path Cross?

Make sure you have:
High-damage weapons (e.g., Greatsword, Twinblades)
Medium to heavy armor sets
Consumables (health potions, mana potions, antidotes, stamina boosters)
Rings and amulets that enhance defense, health regeneration, and stamina

How do I navigate through the Misty Woods to reach Pillar Path Cross?

Follow these steps:
Follow the Light Beacons: Use the scattered light beacons as your guide.
Avoid Patrols: Use stealth to avoid groups of enemies.
Discover Hidden Pathways: Look for subtle clues like broken branches or disturbed ground to find shortcuts.

What are the key locations in Pillar Path Cross?

Pillar Plaza: Central hub with important NPCs and quest givers.
Ancient Library: Filled with valuable resources and guarded by enchanted constructs.
Ritual Grounds: Site of ancient rituals with powerful relics and enemies.

Who are the main bosses in Pillar Path Cross?

Guardian Sentinel: Found in the Ancient Library, with predictable attack patterns and weak points.
High Ritualist: Found in the Ritual Grounds, using powerful spells and protected by a magical shield

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