How to Get Church of Consolation Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

Elden Ring, the latest masterpiece from FromSoftware, is celebrated for its expansive world, intricate lore, and challenging gameplay.

The “Shadow of the Erdtree” expansion introduces new areas, each with its own mysteries and challenges. Among these locations, the Church of Consolation stands out as a pivotal site, rich in lore and ripe for exploration.

This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough to help you navigate your way to the Church of Consolation, detailing preparation, navigation, and strategies for overcoming obstacles along the way.

Overview of the Church of Consolation

Background and Significance

The Church of Consolation is a sacred place within Elden Ring’s universe, known for its solemn beauty and spiritual importance. It is said to offer solace to weary travelers and hold secrets dating back to ancient times. Understanding its lore can enrich your experience as you explore its halls and unravel its mysteries.

Importance in the Game

Beyond its lore, the Church of Consolation plays a crucial role in the game:

  • It serves as a hub for quests, offering opportunities to interact with key NPCs.
  • The church’s architecture and environment provide clues to the broader narrative of Elden Ring.
  • It houses valuable items, hidden paths, and potentially challenging encounters that test your skills and resolve.

Preparing for the Journey

Recommended Level and Gear

To embark on your journey to the Church of Consolation, ensure you are adequately prepared:

  • Level: Aim to be between level 40 and 50, depending on your comfort with combat and exploration challenges.
  • Weapons and Armor: Equip yourself with versatile weapons and armor suited to your preferred playstyle.
  • Consumables: Stock up on health potions, mana potions, and other buffs to aid you in combat.
  • Skills and Abilities: Invest in skills that enhance your survivability and combat effectiveness.

Mental Preparation

Exploring Elden Ring demands patience and resilience:

  • Mindset: Approach the journey with a mindset of exploration and discovery.
  • Perseverance: Be prepared to face setbacks and learn from them as you progress.
  • Curiosity: Stay curious and investigate every corner, as secrets often lie hidden in plain sight.

Finding the Path to the Church of Consolation

Starting Point: Erdtree Sanctuary

Begin your journey at the Erdtree Sanctuary, a central location in Elden Ring:

  • Activate the Erdtree Shrine: This action unlocks the map marker for the Church of Consolation.
  • Interact with NPCs: Engage with NPCs in the sanctuary to gather clues and information about the church’s location and challenges ahead.

Navigating Through the Verdant Valley

The Verdant Valley is the initial terrain you must traverse:

  • Follow Waypoints: Use the waypoints and markers to guide your path toward the church.
  • Beware of Wildlife: Navigate cautiously around aggressive fauna that inhabit the valley.
  • Explore Side Paths: Veer off the main path to uncover hidden treasures and shortcuts.

Crossing the Verdant Bridge

The Verdant Bridge is a critical structure leading to the Church of Consolation:

  • Defeat Bridge Guardians: Overcome formidable foes guarding the bridge’s entrance points.
  • Solve Bridge Puzzles: Navigate puzzles or challenges that obstruct passage across the bridge.
  • Watch for Ambushes: Stay vigilant for surprise attacks from archers or hidden enemies.

Entering the Church of Consolation

Unlocking the Church Gates

Upon arriving at the church’s entrance:

  • Locate the Key: Search nearby areas or defeat a mini-boss to obtain the key to the church gates.
  • Open the Gates: Use the acquired key to unlock the church gates, but be prepared for potential resistance from defenders inside.

Exploring the Interior

Once inside the Church of Consolation:

  • Map the Layout: Familiarize yourself with the church’s layout to navigate efficiently.
  • Interact with NPCs: Speak with inhabitants to gather quests, lore, and valuable items.
  • Search for Treasures: Explore corners and alcoves for hidden loot and lore-enhancing items.

Key Locations within the Church of Consolation

Main Sanctuary

The heart of the church, where you’ll find NPCs offering quests and services:

  • Quest NPCs: Engage with characters offering quests that unlock deeper insights into the church’s lore.
  • Services: Access merchants and craftsmen providing essential supplies and upgrades.

Crypt of Reflection

A somber chamber within the church, shrouded in mystery and potential dangers:

  • Ancient Tomes: Discover valuable texts revealing the church’s history and secrets.
  • Guardian Encounters: Prepare for battles with formidable guardians protecting crypt treasures.

Tower of Illumination

A towering structure offering panoramic views and further revelations:

  • Panoramic Views: Ascend the tower for breathtaking vistas of Elden Ring’s expansive landscapes.
  • Platform Challenges: Overcome platforming challenges to reach hidden alcoves and treasure troves.

Facing Challenges and Bosses

Guardian of Reverence

A formidable boss guarding the inner sanctum of the Church of Consolation:

  • Combat Strategy: Study attack patterns and exploit weaknesses to defeat the guardian.
  • Reward: Claim rare artifacts and valuable loot upon victory.

Ritual of Purification

A pivotal event unlocking deeper layers of the church’s narrative:

  • Quest Completion: Participate in the ritual to cleanse malevolent forces and unlock new quests.
  • Repercussions: Witness the aftermath of purification, influencing future interactions within Elden Ring.

Strategies for Success

Combat Techniques

  • Evasion and Defense: Master dodging and blocking techniques to mitigate damage.
  • Offensive Tactics: Combine melee strikes with ranged attacks to maintain pressure on adversaries.
  • Environmental Awareness: Use terrain features to gain tactical advantages during skirmishes.

Exploration Methods

  • Thorough Exploration: Leave no stone unturned to uncover hidden secrets and lore fragments.
  • Cartographic Precision: Annotate maps and waypoints to facilitate navigation and revisit notable locations.
  • Interaction Strategy: Foster alliances with NPCs to unlock exclusive quests and resourceful companionship.

Preparation Guidelines

  • Resource Allocation: Distribute consumables wisely to sustain vitality and spellcasting efficiency.
  • Equipment Enhancement: Upgrade weaponry and armor at blacksmiths to bolster combat proficiency.
  • Mental Resilience: Maintain composure amidst adversity, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth.
Church of Consolation
Church of Consolation


Navigating to the Church of Consolation in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree epitomizes an odyssey of discovery and conquest. Equipped with this comprehensive guide, you’re poised to traverse verdant valleys, unravel cryptic enigmas, and triumph over formidable adversaries. Embrace the allure of Elden Ring’s tapestry, where every pilgrimage unfolds an epic saga of valor and enlightenment. Set forth with courage, for the Church of Consolation awaits as a testament to your unwavering resolve in this boundless realm.


What is the Church of Consolation in Elden Ring?

The Church of Consolation is a significant location in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, known for its spiritual significance, intricate architecture, and pivotal role in quests and lore.

How do I start my journey to the Church of Consolation?

Begin your journey at the Erdtree Sanctuary. Activate the Erdtree Shrine to reveal the map marker for the Church of Consolation. Interact with NPCs in the sanctuary for hints and guidance.

What level should I be to explore the Church of Consolation?

It’s recommended to be around level 40 to 50 to effectively handle the challenges within the Church of Consolation. Ensure your character is equipped with suitable weapons, armor, and consumables.

What are the key locations within the Church of Consolation?

Key locations include:
Main Sanctuary: Hub for quests and interactions with NPCs.
Crypt of Reflection: A crypt with valuable lore and potential combat encounters.
Tower of Illumination: Offers panoramic views and hidden treasures.

What preparation tips can help me succeed in reaching the Church of Consolation?

Focus on:
Gear and Items: Equip suitable weapons and armor, and stock up on consumables.
Exploration: Thoroughly explore each area for hidden secrets and resources.
Combat Strategy: Develop tactics for facing both regular enemies and bosses effectively.

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