How to Find Shadow of the Erdtree Abyssal Woods Location?

Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, captivates players with its vast and intricate world, challenging gameplay, and deep lore. The “Shadow of the Erdtree” expansion enriches this experience with new areas to explore, each offering unique challenges and mysteries.

Among these locales, the Abyssal Woods stand out as a haunting and enigmatic environment. This comprehensive guide will lead you through the journey of discovering and navigating the Abyssal Woods, providing essential tips, strategies, and insights along the way.

Overview of the Abyssal Woods

Background and Lore

The Abyssal Woods are shrouded in mystery and darkness within Elden Ring’s universe:

  • Historical Significance: Once a sacred grove, now corrupted by malevolent forces.
  • Environmental Hazards: Thick mist, treacherous terrain, and hostile inhabitants.
  • Quests and Challenges: Quests within the woods reveal secrets and lore crucial to the game’s narrative.

Importance in the Game

Exploring the Abyssal Woods is essential for several reasons:

  • Quest Progression: Completing quests and uncovering storylines tied to major characters.
  • Item Acquisition: Finding rare weapons, armor sets, and consumables hidden throughout the woods.
  • Boss Encounters: Facing formidable bosses that guard valuable treasures and lore.

Preparing for the Journey

Recommended Level and Gear

Prepare adequately to tackle the challenges of the Abyssal Woods:

  • Recommended Level: Aim for level 50-60 to handle the area’s difficulty.
  • Gear and Weapons: Equip versatile weapons and sturdy armor suited to your playstyle.
  • Consumables: Stock up on health potions, stamina boosters, and antidotes for various hazards.
  • Skills and Abilities: Invest in combat skills and magic that enhance survival and offensive capabilities.

Mental Preparation

Navigating the Abyssal Woods requires a resilient mindset:

  • Patience: Embrace the journey with patience, as the woods are labyrinthine.
  • Persistence: Learn from setbacks and approach challenges with determination.
  • Curiosity: Explore every corner to uncover hidden secrets and rewards.

Finding the Path to Abyssal Woods

Starting Point: Erdtree Sanctuary

Begin your journey at the Erdtree Sanctuary:

  • Activate the Erdtree Shrine: Unlock the map marker for the Abyssal Woods.
  • NPC Interactions: Speak with NPCs in the sanctuary for clues and quests related to the woods.

Navigating Through the Misty Mire

The Misty Mire serves as the gateway to the Abyssal Woods:

  • Follow the Lantern Markers: Use lanterns scattered throughout the mire as guides.
  • Avoid Traps: Watch for hidden traps and ambushes set by creatures lurking in the mist.
  • Explore Side Paths: Veer off the main route to discover hidden treasures and shortcuts.

Crossing the Murkwater Bridge

Murkwater Bridge spans across a toxic swamp, providing access deeper into the woods:

  • Defeat Swamp Guardians: Overcome guardians blocking passage on the bridge.
  • Navigate Toxic Hazards: Maneuver carefully to avoid toxic pools and poisonous flora.
  • Solve Environmental Puzzles: Interact with mechanisms to clear the bridge or unlock shortcuts.

Entering the Heart of Abyssal Woods

Unlocking the Woods’ Barrier

Upon reaching the woods’ entrance:

  • Find the Key: Defeat a powerful guardian or solve a puzzle to obtain the key.
  • Open the Barrier: Use the acquired key to unlock the magical barrier guarding the Abyssal Woods.

Exploring the Depths

Once inside the Abyssal Woods:

  • Map Exploration: Familiarize yourself with the woods’ layout to navigate effectively.
  • NPC Encounters: Interact with wandering travelers and inhabitants to gain quests and lore.
  • Search for Hidden Chambers: Discover secluded areas containing valuable loot and artifacts.
 Abyssal Woods Location
Abyssal Woods Location?

Key Locations within Abyssal Woods

The Umbral Glade

A serene glade amid the darkness, offering respite and hidden dangers:

  • Gather Herbs: Collect rare herbs with medicinal properties.
  • Fight Shadow Beasts: Battle ethereal creatures guarding the glade’s secrets.
  • Offering Shrine: Make offerings to mysterious shrines for blessings or curses.

The Cursed Hollow

A foreboding hollow where ancient curses and restless spirits dwell:

  • Puzzle Solving: Solve puzzles to cleanse curses or unleash hidden paths.
  • Spirit Encounters: Communicate with spirits to learn their stories and earn rewards.
  • Face the Hollow Keeper: Confront the Hollow Keeper guarding a sacred relic.

The Darkroot Citadel

A ruined citadel once home to warriors, now haunted by spectral guardians:

  • Combat Trials: Test your skills against spectral warriors in challenging duels.
  • Collect Relics: Retrieve relics of fallen knights for powerful enhancements.
  • Unlock Secrets: Unveil the citadel’s history and its connection to Elden Ring’s lore.

Facing Challenges and Bosses

Shadowheart Guardian

A formidable guardian residing deep within the Abyssal Woods:

  • Combat Strategy: Study attack patterns and exploit weaknesses to defeat the Shadowheart Guardian.
  • Reward: Claim a legendary artifact or powerful weapon upon victory.

The Eldritch Horror

An ancient horror awakened by forbidden rituals within the woods:

  • Survival Tactics: Navigate treacherous terrain and evade devastating attacks.
  • Final Showdown: Confront the Eldritch Horror in a climactic battle of wills and strength.

Strategies for Success

Combat Techniques

  • Adaptation: Adjust tactics based on enemy behavior and environmental conditions.
  • Utilization of Terrain: Use trees, rocks, and obstacles to gain tactical advantages.
  • Skill Development: Upgrade combat skills and magic to suit the challenges of the Abyssal Woods.

Exploration Methods

  • Thorough Investigation: Search thoroughly for hidden passages, chests, and lore items.
  • Cartographic Mapping: Mark significant locations on your map to aid navigation and revisit key areas.
  • Interaction with NPCs: Engage with NPCs for quests, hints, and rewards crucial to progressing through the woods.

Preparation Guidelines

  • Resource Management: Allocate consumables wisely to maintain health and stamina during prolonged exploration.
  • Equipment Enhancement: Upgrade weapons and armor at forges or blacksmiths to increase durability and effectiveness.
  • Mental Fortitude: Maintain focus and determination in the face of adversity, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth.


Embarking on the journey to find the Abyssal Woods in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is an expedition fraught with danger and discovery. Armed with this comprehensive guide, you’re equipped to navigate the mist-shrouded paths, decipher ancient puzzles, and confront formidable adversaries lurking within.

Embrace the allure of Elden Ring’s Abyssal Woods, where every step unravels a tale of mystery and peril, forging your legend in this expansive realm of darkness and intrigue.


What is the Abyssal Woods in Elden Ring?

The Abyssal Woods is a mysterious and dangerous area in Elden Ring, known for its dense fog, treacherous terrain, and haunting atmosphere.

How do I start my journey to the Abyssal Woods?

Begin at the Erdtree Sanctuary. Activate the Erdtree Shrine to reveal the map marker for the Abyssal Woods. Interact with NPCs in the sanctuary for hints and quests related to this location.

What level should I be to explore the Abyssal Woods?

It’s recommended to be around level 50 to 60 to handle the challenges within the Abyssal Woods effectively. Ensure your character is well-equipped with suitable weapons, armor, and consumables.

How do I navigate through the Misty Mire to reach the Abyssal Woods?

Follow lantern markers scattered throughout the Misty Mire:
Watch for Hazards: Beware of traps and ambushes set by creatures lurking in the mist.
Explore Side Paths: Veer off the main route to discover hidden treasures and shortcuts.

What are some key areas to explore within the Abyssal Woods?

The Umbral Glade: A serene area with medicinal herbs and hidden dangers.
The Cursed Hollow: A place of curses and spiritual encounters.
The Darkroot Citadel: A ruined fortress haunted by spectral guardians.

What rewards can I expect from exploring the Abyssal Woods?

Rare Items: Unique weapons, armor sets, and consumables.
Quest Rewards: Completion of quests that unravel the mysteries of the Abyssal Woods.
Lore Insights: Deepen your understanding of Elden Ring’s world and its dark secrets.

How challenging is the Abyssal Woods?

The Abyssal Woods present significant challenges with its intricate layout, formidable enemies, and environmental hazards. Approach with caution and be prepared for intense battles and puzzles.

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