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Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, has captivated players worldwide with its expansive open-world design, deep lore, and challenging gameplay.

Since its release, fans have been eagerly anticipating downloadable content (DLC) to expand the already rich game universe. Fextralife, a well-known community-driven gaming website, has been a go-to resource for players seeking detailed information and guides.

This article delves into the Elden Ring DLC map as featured on Fextralife, offering a comprehensive guide to help players navigate and conquer new territories.

Overview of Elden Ring and Its DLC

The Base Game

Elden Ring is set in a dark fantasy world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, with lore contributions from George R.R. Martin. Players assume the role of the Tarnished, exploring the Lands Between, seeking to restore the Elden Ring, and become the Elden Lord. The game is renowned for its intricate world-building, challenging combat, and deep lore.

DLC Anticipation

The announcement of Elden Ring’s DLC has generated significant excitement. Players expect new regions, bosses, weapons, and lore expansions. Fextralife, known for its extensive coverage of FromSoftware games, has dedicated resources to map out the DLC, providing players with essential information and strategies.

Fextralife: An Essential Resource

What is Fextralife?

Fextralife is a community-driven website that offers extensive wikis, guides, and forums for various games. It is particularly well-regarded in the Soulsborne community for its detailed maps, item descriptions, and player-contributed tips.

Fextralife’s Coverage of Elden Ring

From the game’s release, Fextralife has been a cornerstone for Elden Ring players, providing in-depth guides, walkthroughs, and an interactive map. With the release of the DLC, Fextralife has expanded its resources to include detailed maps and guides specific to the new content.

Exploring the DLC Map on Fextralife

Accessing the DLC Map

Fextralife’s interactive map for the Elden Ring DLC can be accessed through their main Elden Ring page. The map is user-friendly, allowing players to zoom in and out, and filter various elements such as bosses, items, and points of interest.

Key Features of the DLC Map

Interactive Elements

The map includes markers for various interactive elements such as:

  • Bonfires/Sites of Grace: These serve as checkpoints and fast travel points.
  • Bosses: Locations of new and returning bosses.
  • NPCs: Positions of new NPCs, including quest-givers and merchants.
  • Items: Locations of new weapons, armor, spells, and consumables.

Detailed Annotations

Each marker on the map comes with detailed annotations. Clicking on a marker provides additional information, including strategies, item descriptions, and lore snippets.

Player Contributions

One of Fextralife’s strengths is its community. Players can contribute their findings and strategies, which are then reviewed and added to the map, ensuring it remains up-to-date and comprehensive.

New Regions in the DLC

Overview of New Regions

The Elden Ring DLC introduces several new regions, each with unique aesthetics, challenges, and lore. These regions expand the already vast Lands Between, offering players new terrains to explore.

Region 1: The Shattered Isles

The Shattered Isles is a fragmented archipelago, characterized by its treacherous cliffs and hidden caves. It introduces new environmental hazards and secrets.

Region 2: The Crimson Wastes

The Crimson Wastes is a desolate desert region, filled with ancient ruins and deadly sandstorms. It provides a stark contrast to the verdant landscapes of the base game.

Region 3: The Verdant Hollow

The Verdant Hollow is a lush, forested area, teeming with life and mystical creatures. It offers intricate pathways and hidden groves, rich with lore and resources.

Key Locations and Points of Interest

Each new region is packed with significant locations that are marked on the Fextralife map.

The Shattered Isles

  • Broken Lighthouse: A towering structure offering panoramic views and hiding valuable loot.
  • Cave of Echoes: A labyrinthine cave system filled with echoes of the past, leading to a hidden boss.

The Crimson Wastes

  • Ruins of Azralon: Ancient ruins with ties to the Elden Ring’s lore, home to powerful enemies and rare items.
  • Sandstorm Nexus: A central area where sandstorms converge, offering both danger and hidden treasures.

The Verdant Hollow

  • Elder Grove: A mystical forest grove inhabited by powerful guardians.
  • Crystal Cavern: A cave system filled with luminous crystals and rare resources.

New Bosses and Enemies

Major Bosses

The DLC introduces several new major bosses, each offering unique challenges and rewards.

Boss 1: The Echoing Wraith

Located in the Cave of Echoes, the Echoing Wraith is a spectral entity that uses illusionary tactics and powerful magic to challenge players.

Boss 2: Azralon the Forgotten

Found in the Ruins of Azralon, Azralon is a massive construct left behind by an ancient civilization. Its attacks are slow but devastating, requiring precise timing to defeat.

Boss 3: Guardian of the Grove

The Guardian of the Grove, located in the Elder Grove, is a towering beast that protects the forest. Its attacks are swift and ferocious, demanding agility and strategy from players.

New Enemy Types

The DLC also introduces several new enemy types, each adding to the game’s diversity and challenge.

Spectral Guardians

Found in the Shattered Isles, these ghostly enemies can phase in and out of existence, making them difficult to hit.

Sand Wraiths

Roaming the Crimson Wastes, Sand Wraiths are agile enemies that can blend into their surroundings, launching surprise attacks.

Crystal Golems

Located in the Verdant Hollow, Crystal Golems are heavily armored enemies that can absorb significant damage, requiring players to find weak points.

 Dlc Map Fextralife
Dlc Map Fextralife

New Items and Equipment


The DLC adds a variety of new weapons, each with unique attributes and special abilities.

Phantom Blade

A spectral sword found in the Shattered Isles, capable of dealing both physical and magical damage.

Sandstorm Scythe

A scythe that harnesses the power of the desert winds, found in the Crimson Wastes. It has a unique whirlwind attack.

Verdant Staff

A magical staff found in the Verdant Hollow, enhancing nature-based spells and offering high magic resistance.

Armor Sets

New armor sets provide players with additional customization options and stat boosts.

Wraithguard Set

An armor set that offers high resistance to magical attacks, found in the Cave of Echoes.

Sandwalker Set

A lightweight armor that enhances agility and provides protection against environmental hazards, found in the Crimson Wastes.

Grovekeeper Set

An armor set that enhances nature-based abilities and provides high physical defense, found in the Elder Grove.

Spells and Consumables

The DLC also introduces new spells and consumables to aid players in their journey.


  • Echo Blast: A powerful spell that deals area-of-effect damage, found in the Shattered Isles.
  • Sand Veil: A spell that grants temporary invisibility, found in the Crimson Wastes.
  • Grove Healing: A healing spell that also grants temporary health regeneration, found in the Verdant Hollow.


  • Spectral Elixir: A potion that increases magical resistance for a short duration.
  • Desert Brew: A drink that provides temporary protection against environmental hazards.
  • Forest Tonic: A tonic that increases health regeneration and resistance to poison.

NPCs and Quests

New NPCs

The DLC introduces several new NPCs, each offering unique quests and lore.

Eirlys the Seeker

Found in the Shattered Isles, Eirlys offers quests related to uncovering the secrets of the islands.

Kael the Wanderer

Located in the Crimson Wastes, Kael provides quests that delve into the history of the ancient ruins.

Lyra the Grove Guardian

In the Verdant Hollow, Lyra offers quests related to protecting the forest and its inhabitants.

Major Quests

The DLC features several major questlines that expand the game’s lore and offer significant rewards.

Questline 1: Echoes of the Past

Eirlys the Seeker’s questline involves uncovering the secrets of the Shattered Isles, leading to powerful rewards and lore revelations.

Questline 2: The Forgotten Legacy

Kael the Wanderer’s questline delves into the history of the Crimson Wastes, revealing ancient secrets and providing unique items.

Questline 3: Guardians of the Grove

Lyra the Grove Guardian’s questline focuses on protecting the Verdant Hollow and its mystical inhabitants, offering powerful nature-based rewards.


The Elden Ring DLC, as mapped and detailed by Fextralife, provides a wealth of new content for players to explore. With new regions, bosses, enemies, items, and quests, the DLC expands the already rich world of Elden Ring, offering fresh challenges and deeper lore.

Fextralife’s comprehensive coverage ensures that players have the resources they need to conquer these new territories and uncover all the secrets the DLC has to offer. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Lands Between, the Fextralife map and guides are invaluable tools on your journey to becoming the Elden Lord.


What is the Elden Ring DLC map on Fextralife?

The Elden Ring DLC map on Fextralife is an interactive, community-driven resource that provides detailed information about the new regions, bosses, items, and quests introduced in the Elden Ring DLC. The map allows players to explore and navigate the new content with ease.

How do I access the Elden Ring DLC map on Fextralife?

You can access the DLC map by visiting the Elden Ring section on the Fextralife website. The interactive map is available there, allowing you to zoom in and out and filter various elements such as bosses, items, and points of interest.

What features does the DLC map offer?

The DLC map includes interactive markers for bonfires/sites of grace, bosses, NPCs, and items. Each marker comes with detailed annotations, providing strategies, item descriptions, and lore snippets. The map also allows for community contributions to keep the information up-to-date and comprehensive.

What new regions are included in the DLC?

The Elden Ring DLC introduces several new regions, including:
The Shattered Isles: A fragmented archipelago with treacherous cliffs and hidden caves.
The Crimson Wastes: A desolate desert region filled with ancient ruins and deadly sandstorms.
The Verdant Hollow: A lush, forested area teeming with life and mystical creatures.

Who are the new bosses in the DLC?

The DLC features several new major bosses, such as:
The Echoing Wraith: Located in the Cave of Echoes in the Shattered Isles.
Azralon the Forgotten: Found in the Ruins of Azralon in the Crimson Wastes.
Guardian of the Grove: Located in the Elder Grove in the Verdant Hollow.

Is the DLC map free to use?

Yes, the DLC map on Fextralife is free to use. Players can access and utilize the map to enhance their gameplay experience without any cost.

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